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Your start at DHC begins like this.

Application during Corona

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Job interview /
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Interview with the management

The employment

  • Step 1

    The online application
    Your first step on the way to DHC is to send us your online application via our job portal.

DHC Consulting Jobs
  • Step 2

    Confirmation of receipt
    We confirm receipt of your application and take the time to carefully review your application and see
    if you fit into the team. You are guaranteed to receive initial feedback within a few days.

DHC Consulting Jobs
  • Step 3

    First meeting
    If your application documents have convinced us, you will have a first short interview with our Junior Personnel Officer
    Oliver Rahmen is your contact person. via MS Teams or similar.

DHC Consulting Jobs
  • Step 4

    Application interview and professional interview
    If the initial interview is positive, Oliver informs the department internally and coordinates everything. If everything fits,
    the next step is to get to know you personally and invite you to an on-site interview.
    During the interview, you will get to know Oliver and your department. During this interview, your specific expertise will be tested.
    But don't worry, you don't have to be a full SAP or project professional to pass this.
    You will receive feedback on the interview within a week of the interview.

DHC Consulting Jobs
  • Step 5

    Interview with the management
    In the final phase of your application process, we will invite you to an interview with the management and the department.
    If you are a young professional, we will ask you to do a case study and present it to the department and our management. But don't worry, we are all human. We don't expect you to know the project environment perfectly, but we want to see how you get along in the work environment and tackle the respective problem.

DHC Consulting Jobs
  • Step 6

    The contract
    If you were also able to convince us at the interview, we will make you an individual contract offer.
    You can look at this at your leisure and give us feedback.


You will start with a comprehensive onboarding and get to know the company and your team.

Your mentor will support you and show you everything you need to know. In addition, he or she will integrate you into the department,
so that after a short time you know how things work here.


We look forward to getting to know you!  

Learn more about us and what we offer you: 

  • Benefits

    The extras so that you enjoy working with us!

  • Career Levels

    The range of tasks from Associate Consultant to Partner.


Jana Schäfer, Senior People Manager

DHC Consulting Jobs
Jana Schäfer | Senior People Manager DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants