With us, work tastes good, we promise!

DHC Consulting Jobs

You will find our consultancy DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants GmbH in the heart of Saarbruecken, Germany. From here we have been supporting companies in the life sciences industries since 1996. We have specialised in particular in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

With exciting projects on SAP solutions for the life sciences as well as the topics of quality management with SAP and IT compliance, we shape the digitalisation of our customers – together with you and our employees!

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DHC Consulting Jobs

With the excellent know-how of our DHC consultants and the combination of process and industry knowledge as well as outstanding IT skills, we convince our customers of us and the DHC method. In summary, this leads to a significant acceleration and quality improvement in our clients’ projects, but also in our employees!

In combination with result-oriented processes and a maximum of professional conception, we guarantee our customers the optimum of economic benefit. Our employees play a particularly important role in this, because they live the DHC method.

With the DHC method, we, as an SAP partner, have developed DHC best practice solutions and templates based on SAP technology.

With these unique and innovative technologies, we not only meet the high standards of the life sciences, but also set new standards. Challenges of quality and IT management or logistics for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for medical technology become easy with us. We use the experience gained there, e.g. for fast, innovative and low-cost solution approaches, every day to develop further, to inspire new people for it, but also to be active in other sectors.


Result-oriented processes

Professional conception

Optimum of economic benefit


We’ll show you.

“Work must taste good” is not just a phrase, but every employee of the DHC Group lives this motto.

We are one team – from the managing director to the intern.

With open communication and trust, no mountain is too high and no river too wide.  


The place where it all began.

Right in the heart of Saarbrücken lies our beautiful, modern founding location.

Small. Green. French. An apt description for the Saarland.

In our central location with perfect connections to public transport and the motorway, we can be reached from anywhere and get everywhere quickly.

The growth process

Whether you are a tender plant or a fully grown tree –
we do our best so that you can continue to grow.

Together with you, we look at where you would like to

you would like to develop and support

your way to the goal.

Profit from our experience

and pass on your know-how!  

with fresh nuances

We want you to enjoy your work.

Your satisfaction is especially important to us.

We can only achieve this with your help.

Flexible working time models, home office

and nice employee events are already part

part of our palette of tastes, but we

be inspired by you.  

The diversity  

Equal opportunities and diversity are practised in our company.

With a share of women of just under 50% and a

team of IT specialists, business economists, biologists

and physicists, we live and work in an interdisciplinary way.

We look forward to your enrichment

to our team.


The root
of success

Our team is the root of our company

and thus the guarantor of our success.

Without them, DHC would not bear fruit.

Our team is strengthened every day in the process,

for example, through ergonomic workstations,

vitamin baskets or time for their own families or

or childcare.

We are only successful as a team and we want you to be a part of it,

that you become a part of it.  

Through continuous optimisation of our office space, we have developed a perfect office concept. In addition to small 1-3-person offices, we have meeting, training and project rooms for you. Work tastes good with us, which is why we have cosy lounges for “a quick coffee” or the Friday sit-in. If you want to know more about our office design, take a virtual office tour.

Our physical well-being is well taken care of, as we not only have countless healthy restaurants in our neighbourhood, but also enjoy a weekly fruit basket or a monthly breakfast together. We are also lucky to have France right on our doorstep, which is why we can say: “We live like God in France”.

After work, the Saarland also has a lot to offer. With a 38% share of forest, we are in third place on the national average, and with the Saar right on our doorstep, you can also enjoy the sun during your lunch break while taking a walk. A little insider tip: We also rank third in terms of the number of hours of sunshine.  

The greater region of Saarbrücken and Saarland has a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities. From swimming and standup paddling at Bostalsee, to the Bliesgau recreation area with great hiking trails, to the wellness experience, Saarland offers many activities.  



Jana Schäfer, Senior People Manager

DHC Consulting Jobs
Jana Schäfer | Senior People Manager DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants